• "My experience with Carol & Trisha at The Barita Keough Law Firm has always been exceptional. They recently put together an Employee Handbook for me along with Job Descriptions. It was so helpful to have their expertise to guide me through this process. There were so many issues I hadn't considered. I am very happy with the results and would recommend this very important service to any employer." -J.L.

  • "I worked with Barita and Keough Law Firm on two Texas Workforce Commission claims. Before choosing them, I interviewed three other attorneys--looking at both experience and fees. These claims were very stressful and potentially very expensive claims for my business. Carol and Trisha educated me on how TWC claims and appeals work. They prepared me for the hearings and supported me very well through the hearing that took multiple days. I feel that I was well represented. I would definitely use Barita and Keough for any other legal matters for my business and I feel comfortable recommending that you talk with them for any business legal needs you have."  -D.P.

  • "Trisha and Carol prepared the web design contract and LLC paperwork for my business. They took the time to thoroughly understand how I operate my business as well as how the web design industry operates. Even though I am one of their smaller business clients, Trisha and Carol provide the same level of professionalism and service that they give their larger clients. I especially appreciate their continued genuine interest in my business." - L.L.

  • "My wife and I have a small business. We began working with Trisha and Carol before they formed their own firm. It was during that time that we became confident in their ability to assist us with most any problem related to our small business and real estate transactions we were involved in from time to time. We found them to be quite knowledgeable. They have helped us with various customer agreements, contractor agreements and even an employee handbook. Their fees have always been very reasonable and in line with what you would expect as a small business owner. They're also very accessible and great to contact for information on a moments notice. As our business has grown they have continued to give us guidance that has so far kept us out of any problems." -R.R.