Medical/Health Law

Barita & Keough Law Firm, PLLC’s practice includes many aspects of medical and health law. The attorneys of Barita & Keough Law Firm focus on providing legal advice that will both grow and protect its Clients in the medical community including hospitals, businesses providing medical/health services, physicians and other medical businesses.

The attorneys of Barita & Keough Law Firm practice in creating, negotiating and reviewing contracts in the various medical fields including patient contracts, vendor contracts, medical provider contracts, physician and other medical professions employment contracts, temporary services contracts, physician or other medical group operating agreements, nondisclosure, noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements. No contract or negotiation is too small and we pride ourselves in creating or negotiating creative custom contract solutions for our clients.

We also handle statutory compliance issues, licensing and suspension for our professional medical professionals. The attorneys for the Barita & Keough Law Firm also recognize that insurance and numerous government programs can hinder payment recovery both for businesses and doctors or professional medical groups. We tackle these difficult negotiations to make sure that our clients are properly paid.

Finally, we encourage clients to consult with us before taking legal actions that may take them to the courthouse. But, if litigation ensues, the Barita & Keough Law Firm can handle and manage that litigation for you with a clear plan on strategy to place you in the optimum legal position, to manage costs and to provide guidance for a final resolution.

Our main offices are in the Houston and Galveston area, but we have represented clients in various courts across Texas. Connect with the Barita & Keough Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule a consultation by calling 713-239-5617 or by filling out our online questionnaire consultation form.