Insurance Law

The attorneys for Barita & Keough Law Firm, PLLC have a combined experience of over 30 years in insurance coverage and insurance litigation. The Firm partners have successfully argued before the Texas Supreme Court, many Texas courts of appeals, the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 5th Circuit and federal district courts. In complex insurance cases, the attorneys for Barita & Keough Law Firm monitor the case, preserve error for appeal and then handle appeals, if necessary. Part of monitoring the insurance law case is to work with the defense counsel to assist in making the strongest legal case that will make the client successful at the appellate level.

In addition to appellate work, the attorneys for Barita & Keough Law Firm, consult on insurance risk management in contracts including construction, business and lease contracts. The attorneys for Barita & Keough Law Firm have in depth experience with indemnity agreements in all types of commercial contracts, which results in keeping the clients protected when the indemnity agreement is invoked. Barita & Keough Law Firm’s insurance law litigation practice includes the following:

  • Handling complex litigation on contractual liability, additional insured coverage related to indemnity agreements.
  • Defend insurers on workers compensation and Insurance Code claims.
  • Defend clients on interpretation of homeowner’s policies, bad faith, and Insurance Code claims.
  • Defend breach of contract, Insurance Code claims related to complex duty to defend and indemnify claims.
  • Defend or Prosecute trials in both state and federal court on all complex insurance matters.

The attorneys of Barita & Keough Law Firm also assist their commercial clients and municipal clients to determine if contractors and subcontractors have adequate insurance before work on the contract begins. Barita & Keough Law Firm attorneys seek to recover the greatest amount of insurance proceeds that are available to their clients under the policies that the clients have purchased. Also the attorneys for Barita & Keough Law Firm can successfully recover insurance proceeds from other insurers who have made the clients additional insureds.

Our main offices are in the Houston and Galveston area, but we have represented clients in various courts across Texas. Connect with the Barita & Keough Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule a consultation by calling 713-239-5617 or by filling out our online questionnaire consultation form.